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Equestrian Trails

The Equestrian Trails Carpark is situated at 252 Thompsons Track, Katikati.

Most of the equestrian trails are on the existing forestry tracks with some additional trails constructed to enable looping tracks.

Unique to the network is the Jumping Alley, this consists of 12 jumps made from an old pine that was cut down. This track is an out and back so care must be taken when using.

Another great feature is the galloping track. This is an uphill trail where you can extend your horse and have a great workout.

The trail network provides riders with up to two hours of riding on the variety of tracks and trails.  There are also a couple of river crossings to enjoy.

Facilities available to you include corrals, a washdown station (COMING SOON)  and toilets.   Please ensure that you take manure and hay for the carpark and corrals home with you.

To ensure everyone’s safety and to make your experience enjoyable we do ask a few things of those using the area:

•             Walkers, please call out a greeting when approaching horses

•             Equestrian users; loops shown are suggested loops only. Feel free to create your own loops but please be aware some trails are 'one way only' for safety.

•             'Jumper's Alley' is multi-directional. There is no exit; it is return only. Please call ahead around corners and be prepared to meet on-coming riders. Strictly no walkers or dogs on this trail.

 Note: There is ongoing maintenance carried out in the reserve throughout the year, so please be aware of crews and vehicles that may be on site.

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